ΑΡΧΕΙΟ4The archives of the Society, established in 1837, are the oldest  and among the most complete archives in Greece. Starting with the founding document of the Society on the 6th of January 1837, the archives have been continuously enriched for the past 180 years. They contain several different sections: the Archaeological Archive consists of excavation reports, notebooks of excavators, plans and personal papers offered to the Society by archaeologists.  The Photographic Collection includes over 100,000 photographs of excavations, monuments,  and works of art, some of which are very old and extremely rare. Other collections include plans and drawings of excavations, personal archives of Greek archaeologists, painted color copies of sculptures (including famous sculptures, such as those of the Acropolis and the painted funerary reliefs from Pagasai). The Administrative Collection [λεπτομερειες για το περιεχόμενο και τη σημασία της]