One of the top priorities of the Society is the dissemination of the results of archaeological research, both to the archaeological community and to the wider public.  In this respect, the Society maintains an active program of publications of monographs and periodicals.  Already in 1837, shortly after the foundation of the Society, appeared the Society’s flagship research journals: the Praktika (“Proceedings”) and the Ephemeribs (“Journal”),  the oldest continuously running archaeological journals in Europe. By the middle of the 20th century a third periodical, the Ergon (“Annual Report”)  wa
s launched, aiming at informing the public in a timely manner about the work conducted each year by the Society.  A fourth periodical, the Bulletin of the Society (titled Mentor), appeared in 1988,  featuring articles about the history of Greek archaeology for both the scholarly community and the public.

Besides journals, the Society has been publishing its own series of high-quality monographs, titled  “Library of the Archaeological Society at Athens”.   These include books about excavations, monuments, corpora of inscriptions, sculptures, coins, and pottery. This series, which currently includes over 300 volumes,  is universally considered among the top archaeological publications in the world.  The publications of the Archaeological Society are distributed to all the major archaeological libraries of the world and reach an exceptionally wide audience.